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Discover your perfect event trailer rental and connect with a nearby preferred partner to coordinate all the details for your upcoming event. If you don’t have a preferred partner nearby, we’re eager to collaborate with your event planner as a new preferred partner to make your vision a reality.
Trailer Details
Blind Tiger Bar is a 28-foot Airstream Bar trailer with tons of stuff for your event. So that you can wow your guests by hosting the party of their dreams .
  • 12Foot Bar
  • 2 Dual-Zone Kegs
  • Decor 7 Accents
  • Delivery & Setup
  • Gull-Wing Bar
 These are just a few things that are included when you book the Blind Tiger Bar for your event It comes with a 12-Foot LED Bar, 2 Service Wells, 2 Dual-Zone Kegs, 2 Prep Tables, Back Bar Display, Bar Tools, Decor & Accents, Delivery & Setup, Quiet Generator & $2 Mil in Coverage.
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